Double Space Debate: How the Times Have Changed!

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Posted by admin 23/06/2015 0 Comment(s)

Last week, while browsing online grammar and writing etiquette, I came across an interesting article that caught my eye. It was simply titled “Two Spaces after a Period” posted online by Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar GirlI was immediately intrigued by the title, as I have so often found myself pondering this very instance, so I clicked on it and began reading.


Apparently, there is a raging debate over whether or not there should be one space or two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. I was validated in feeling that I was no longer alone in trying to master the art of keeping up with the ever-evolving "norms" brought on by the technology of today! I have since come across a couple quirky little articles that have very funny titles and add completely different, refreshing views to this debate. A couple of them are “Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces after a Period” by  Jennifer Gonzalez and “Two spaces after a period; why you should never do it!”  by .


I have oftern found myself pausing after finishing a sentence in an email or post on whether or not to continue with my tried and true habit of double spacing to switching to the new "modern" single space before starting my next line. Afterall, it was instilled in me throughout my school years that it was period, space, space!! I happen to believe that anyone that grew up with a typewriter, would tend to agree! As the story goes, adding spaces after a period was for the mono-spacing of the letters created by a typewriter, and that you needed two spaces after each sentence for ease of reading. With the vast range of proportional fonts thanks to advances in technology, this has led to the switch to one space instead of two.


I must say, this makes total and complete sense to me, but I am such a creature of habit! I am in my mid 40’s and admittedly, this is a very hard habit for me to break! Honestly, I am still not 100% certain which practice is technically "correct", as seems to be the case with most of these time-have-changed issues now-a-days! However, more and more people are leaning towards “one space” as being the correct, proper, and acceptable punctuation after a period. Try as I may, I still have to concentrate at the end of each sentence and only hit that space bar once! 


Ah the allure of technology, all this change makes me wonder what else I've been doing the old fashioned way! Are there other obscure "norms" that I'm missing out on? Help a sister out and fill me in! 

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